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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

ingat!! ^^

assalamualaikum:) just nak kuatkan nak tambah ubat dalam diri supaya jadi lebih kuat dan sentiasa muhasabah diri ..hehe

reminder stays as reminder. it doesn't need us to be perfect .it doesn't need us to be mad. when ALLAH let us still alive, that means we can never stop Remind each other..senyum walau apa pon terjadi. lain manusia ,lain perangai ..may ALLAH bless us..amin:)

when you are joking around of something good you are the one who's having a problem. Muhasabah, may ALLAH awaken our heart for any single bad thing came in our heart ang thought..insyALLAH...bila letak Allah paling atas ,ALLAH jaga kita sampai bila-bila..

better not to promise things yourself cannot control, promise what you can try which is you will do your best. better not to ask ALLAH for only one exact thing, ask ALLAH for the best, as He is the only one who knows the most, what is reply the very best for us,,:)

never ask ALLAH to get what other people have ,ask ALLAH the best for us, because only He knows what we really need to make us a better person, remember ,different people will always have different test and happiness strive to be the best and ALLAH will settle the rest..Kita usaha ALLAH tentukan, kita doa ALLAH tentukan,,apa yang kita lakukan semuanya ALLAH yang tentukan:)

good things come to those who are patient ,grateful for every single time. always have positive thought toward ALLAH and things happened.remember ,happiness is not about luck ,it's a choice ,our choice.:) ..can't expect ALLAH to give us a help if we don't put any effort to make our life become better...

when we feel our day is not okeyh, do something good to other people, give more, smile more, spread love.

only ALLAH knows the pain, the tears of someone, so when you see someone has something good, it's not about lucky, we will never know what someone had been through to get what they have today because ALLAH knows the best, There's always A hikmah ,always behind everything :)

c&p:) *thanks sudi share kata2 yang sngat bermakna ni:)*

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