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Thursday, 1 May 2014

!!Superman synopsis ep 1-10 !!

Eh apo pulak ni.. ???

hehe sapa pernah tengok ceta ni best sesangat!  I like it ~~ hehe first dengar ni ceta kartoon ke apa.. rupanya ni salah satu ceta reality show yang penting korea mari.. 

selepas running man, family outing then ni ceta yang tambat hati untuk terus stay setia setiap episode.. wiwiwi *cehh*

Best tengok gelagat budak2 tu yang dijaga oleh bapa2 tanpa ibu 2hari je.. haha tu pon nampak kekekokan pada awalnya selepas dah beberapa episode ha...ada peningkatan yes!

~The return of superman~

Comel je baby2 tuh.. hehe mula download kat utube ja then kshowonline dah keluarkan ceta ni.. haha ni yang suka..

hehe sekarang dah sampai episode 23 ~
 Ep.1: "Things You Only Realize Once You Raise Them" The dads usually just work. Sometimes they get excluded from their families and they themselves sometimes neglect their families. Now the dads are challenging themselves to look after the children for 48 hours without the moms. The 4 Supermen are Choo Sunghoon, Tablo, Lee Hwijae and Jang Hyeonseong. Sunghoon is head over heels in love with Sarang. They are planning to go to Osaka to meet Sarang's grandparents. Tablo the rapper of Epik High is back as a father! Will he be able to look after his daughter Haru with his broken shoulder? Hwijae has become the god of child care. Now he's used to taking care of his twins, Seoeon and Seojun. He goes to see an eye doctor to check the twins' eyes. The charismatic actor Hyeonseong is actually a very clumsy person at home. He's very friendly with his two sons, Junu and Junseo. He teaches Junseo how to ride a bicycle without training wheels!

Ep.2: "They're Just Like Me" Sunghoon and Sarang have so much fun in Osaka! Sarang spends her birthday at her grandparents' house and experiences various things she had never done before! Meanwhile, Tablo and Haru goes to aquarium to see fish that Haru likes the most! Probably more than her dad. How will they get through their day? Hwijae, worried about the twins' eyes, takes them to an eye doctor. They get their eyes checked up and Hwijae gets so scared by the sound of their crying. Also he takes them to baseball park with him. Hyeonseong goes to Junu's parent-teacher conference and gets surprised by Junu's letter and his performance in school.

Ep. 3: "I Can't Live Without You." Sunghoon and his dad wants to teach Sarang judo. Sarang is now getting along well with her grandparents. And Sarang's mom, Shiho Yano arrives at Osaka! Haru wants to treat her dad's arm. Tablo starves for two days and realizes how hard it was for Hyejeong to look after Haru. It's Haru's first time spending two days without her mom. Hwijae's wife told Hwijae to go to culture center. Will he be able to take care of the twins? Hwijae also shows the mom's photo to the twins and the twins begin to react to it! Hyeonseong tries to cook curry but he doesn't even know how to peel carrots. Also Hyeonseong and his two lovely boys prepare a surprise for the mom for their wedding anniversary.

Ep. 4: "This is What Your Dad is Like." Sarang's suffering from constipation. To show off his cool side, Sunghoon takes Sarang to his photo shoot. Also he takes her to the gym. Sarang usually cries but she stays quiet and Sunghoon gets surprised by that. Tablo and his family has breakfast. After Hyejeong leaves, Haru dances to K-Pop. Tablo plays many of his songs to Haru to get her opinion. What does she think of her dad's songs? Hwijae's twins are growing really fast. They can now stand up! After the boys' advancement test in taekwondo, Hyeonseong goes to the market to cook something tasty to the boys. He gets a lot of attention in the market.

Ep. 5 : "It's Okay to Fail at First" Haru learns to spend more time with Tukutz's baby. Junu and Junseo go shopping for clothes with their dad. Hwijae takes the twins to a wedding and they continually suffer from stomach problems. And the Choovely family go to Hakone hot springs! 

Ep. 6 : "Kids Raise Dads" Haru goes to a fishing park with Tablo. They catch their first fish ever. Sarang continues to have bowel problems which get handled to some degree. The twins also have bowel problems and special nannies Choi Hongman and Lee Hyundo come to help. Junu and Junseo learn about pocket money and finances. All four families are ecstatic with the return of their super moms!

Ep.7 : "Sons and Daughters" Sarang's mother, Shiho Yano gives a tons of missions to Sunghoon. He has to take her to hair salon, make juice for her constipation and so on. He takes Sarang to character shop as she loves Minnie Mouse and Tinker Bell. Haru visits the zoo with Tablo. Unlike her friends she isn't scared to touch the animals at all! Hwijae tries to feed his twins baby food but the twins start fighting. And he takes the twins to the TV studio. Junu and Junseo start the day by fighting and Hyeonseong takes them out to fly a kite. Will the two boys make up with each other?

Ep. 8 : "Merry Christmas" Shiho gives Sunghoon a list of things he needs to do and one of them is to buy a Christmas tree. It's his first time decorating the tree. Kwanghee of ZE:A visits the Choovely family. And he wants to get close to Sarang. Will he be able to get close to her? Tablo wants to make this Christmas special so he disguises himself as Santa Claus but Haru's reaction isn't something Tablo expected! The twins get to celebrate their first Christmas! Hwijae takes them to a toy store but they keep giving him a hard time. Hyeonseong and the two boys try making egg bread. Will they succeed in making them?

Ep. 9 : "No Flower Blossoms Without Hardship." Sunghoon and Sarang visit Mt. Fuji. But Sarang isn't interested at all. Also Sunghoon prepares a surprise party for Shiho. He dresses up as Mickey Mouse. How will he look? Tablo and Haru visit Haru's grandpa's grave. She writes a card to him. On the morning of Hyejeong's return, Haru surprises her dad with the song she made. The twins are growing really fast. They even try walking with the walker. They go to swimming pool in cute bumble bee swimming suits. Will they be able to swim? Hyeonseong tries making bean sprout rice but Junseo seems to know better at making it. Junu expresses how he feels. He thinks his mom favors Junseo since he's younger. How will he solve this problem? 


Ep.10 : "Tell Me Your Wish" Since it's the New Year, the Choovely family decide to go to Okinawa, a place of fond memories. Will Sarang like Okinawa as her mom does? Tablo wants to help Haru find what she wants to do in the future. So they visit a martial arts studio. What does Haru wants to be and what's Tablo's dream? Hwijae wants his twins to be professional athletes so he starts teaching them sports already. He even takes them to a basketball court and calls a baseball player to his house. On a snowing day, Hyeonseong takes his two son's to their grandpa's grave. Hyeonseong cries in grief as he misses his father so much. Junseo waits for the tooth fairy makes a wish. What's his wish?

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