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Saturday, 3 May 2014

!!Superman synopsis ep 11-20 !!

hehe let's continue ~~ 

mudah jew kalau rasa nak download youtube and kshowonline sedia membantu anda.. yang penting best everything ada kat citu semuanya dihjung jari anda:)

choosarang .. haru .. junu & junseo .. and the twins :)

jom la tengok ..kalau da masa lapang ce tengok taw.. yang mana kita boleh ambik pengajaran ambik ..hehe 

Ep.11 : "My Children's Private Life" The Choovely family begin their trip in Okinawa as they go to see dolphins, horses and the 2nd largest aquarium in the world. Haru continues her search for a career path with ballet. Junu and Junseo get a treat to a theme park from their dad and they learn to overcome some fears. And the twins work hard for their 1st birthday preparations. 

Ep. 12 : "If We Hadn't Met Then..." The Choovely family spend their last day in Okinawa. They have a delicious breakfast and visit the sea that Sarang came to years ago in her mother's tummy. And they have a surprise visitor waiting for them there. Junseo and Junu get caught up in their father's enthusiasm for cooking. Hyeonseong attempts his very first pasta dish. Will it be edible? Hwijae ends up having a great but also terrible time at his parents' house. He's worried to death about what his wife will think about what his mother has done. What exactly could she have done to make him worry so much? And Haru continues her search for an early look at a career path which leads her to cooking class! 

 Ep.13 : "Why Are You at My House?" Sarang visits Junu and Junseo and Haru visits Seojun and Seoeon. It's the Seollal special where all the families gather for the first time. How will they all get along? Who has fallen deeply in love with Sarang and how does Haru handle the twins?

Ep.14 : "Families are like Puzzles" The Superman families have gathered for the first time! What will happen when the children get together in one house! Surely it'll be chaotic. And Junu captured Sarang's heart last episode... This time Haru's fallen under his handsome spell. Also the Superwomen surprise everyone with visits and letters!

 Ep.15 : "Daddy's Miracle Effect" Hyeonseong and the boys visit Haru's house for a full day of fun, fishing and hanging out. Haru's love for Junu continues to blossom as she's blown away by his gentle kindness and charm. Meanwhile the Choovely family enjoy their first date in Seoul. They head to a dry sauna and then to Insa-dong for a great day and have a dinner date with the world star.

Ep.16 : "I'm Not Afraid If We're Together" The three Jangs visit Japan for the first time and get lost on the way to Sarang's house. When they finally get there, Junseo continues to try and win over Sarang but to no avail. Hwijae takes his boys out for the first time in a while and learns how to massage them to keep them calm. Haru visits the Big Bang concert and helps out daddy Tablo in the recording studio.

Ep.17: "Good Daddy Complex" Jun brothers continue their journey in Japan as Junseo gets a haircut, they visit a giant Gundam and have a face-off with a real-life raptor. Meanwhile Haru has fun with her friend Hyeon as they go winter camping. And the twins are out with their grandma who always gets criticized for her child-rearing antics. 

Ep.18 : "Dads Will Fight Through Anything" The Jangs continue their adventures in Japan with the Choovely family. They visit Legoland and Junseo finally seems to get close with Sarang. Haru spends a fun day on dates with daddy and even shoots and stars in her own children's book. And the twins get their development tested. The results surprise Hwijae and he learns to change certain actions towards his sons.

 Ep.19: "You Are My Spring" Haru spends the spring day picking strawberries and making jam for her mom. She becomes close with a puppy at the animal farm next door and wants to take him home. The twins split up for the day and Hwijae fulfills his dream of acting like a Hollywood dad. He comes home to give Seojun a bubble bath with the help of Super Junior. Sarang gets to hang out with her boyfriend Yuto and the Jangs have a fun time getting Junseo vaccinated and meeting some big name actors. 

Ep.20: "Dating Rather Than Babysitting" Junu finally gets to meet the actor Yeo Jingoo! But he actually becomes really shy that he can't even talk to him. The Jangs leave for Busan to go to the actor Kim Jungtae's place! There, they meet his son Yakkung! Sarang's boyfriend Yuto keeps making Sarang mad and Sunghoon has a hard time trying to reconcile the two. Also, the fighter Kim Donghyun visits Sarang's house. Hwijae goes to the basketball court and there, he feels small due to basketball player Wu Jiwon's babysitting skills. Then he goes to an amusement park to meet a mysterious woman. Who could she be? Haru and Tablo takes a tour around Gwangjang market and have delicious food!


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    1. Hehe sep tgn✋ sama la kita.... mmg bestt!! Tiap mggu tertggu2 ja 🙌


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